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Chang Thai Lisbon

Stretch the body, Relax the mind, Feel the soul.

Chang Thai Lisbon

About Us

Sawasdee Ka! We are a Thai massage boutique based in central Lisbon. We are fully insured, licensed and all our Thai therapists are qualified and experienced. Come and visit us today for a dose of relaxation!

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What is Thai Massage?

A blend of pressure point massage and yoga-like extending procedures that utilizes the utilization of the specialist’s fingers, thumbs, elbows, arms and feet on the body’s muscles, weight focuses and vitality lines to clear vitality blockages and equalization the body’s vitality.

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How Can it Help?

Benefits of Thai massage includes the stimulation and restoration of energy flow through the body, joint mobility, relief from headaches, back and neck pain. Thai Massage is a great alternative for chronic pain. It also help natural emission of wastes more efficiently.

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Experienced Therapist?

Our experienced Therapist have the expertise and knowledge to offer you the most effective massage therapy to relax your nerves and muscles. Speak to a member of our Therapist today for details and book the right treatment for your need.

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